The LH4 2016 Committee

GM Mr Sheen
Horn Curtains
Hash Cash Iva
Hash Hops Mr Sheen
Religious Adviser Magpie
Lip Boong
Trail Master Sly



Upcoming Run's

Date Hare Location Directions

19 October 2017 Mr Sheen 4 Bayview Drv,
Blackstone Heights



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LH4'S 1200 , "Myrtle Park"

 25 November 2017

 2 pm Start

Click Here for Information on LH4's 1200 Run

High Noon Longford Hash - Hosted by Satin & Pee Wee
Flyer Information:- Click Here 


Hash House Harriers and Harriets is a fun, family orientated social running club. The club meets at around 7pm on Thursday nights at a pre - determined place in Launceston or surrounding areas. Once the run starts, follow the white arrows marked in the grass/pavement etc in order to navigate the run, which is set by the Hare.

The runs generally last from around 40 minutes to an hour, where we regroup and refresh ourselves with Hash Brew. Throughout the run, you will come across checks. These are multiple paths you can follow, and only one of these paths is the actual trail. If you come across a check, and are unsure where to go, shout "HEY YOU" and wait for the return call "ON ON" as a guide of where to go. Some of the more cunning cares also add false trails (marked as F/T). At these, just U- turn and head back the way you came. At the "On Home" mark, just find the best way back to the start location, ready for the On On social event afterwards

The On On is the social gathering of all the runners, where the beer and soft drink flow, (BYO or purchase on the spot for a cheap price!) Converse with the other runners freely, although don't let slip anything that would embarrass you later on, for the Lip will do you in and you will scull for it! Supper is supplied after the Hash Cash is collected ($7 a week). Sometimes runs are set starting and finishing at pubs. Usually hash cash is still charged plus the cost of a meal, although some exceptions are made.

Other Information
For more info contact: Some Links :-
Andrew (Worm) Bricknell, ph 0418 132436
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